Account Set Up

Hi everybody, this video is to help with your account setup process. So once you've decided to move forward with us, your agreements are completed, we're going to go ahead and create an account.

Simply fill out this information, go through the verification steps, and we're going to go ahead and log in to our platform.0:15 Just because I already have it. Once you log in youll see that its a pretty blank canvas you likely wont have access to an online form yet or pdfs but of course through your communication with your account manager That should already.0:32 Be in the works you will find the online form that is attached to the pdf that youre needing in the applications section your pdfs that will be mapped will be available here if you needed to add logos or users this will be a quick win for you go ahead and click the settings tab we recommend starting 0:53 with the company details and uploading a logo this will be your default logo if your agent does not have their own logo if your agent does have their own logo they can upload their own logo and the agent details to add additional users click the users tab and click invite a new user type in the name 1:12 select the role click the plus button and then click send they will receive a notification to go ahead and log in from there, of course, we will be scheduling onboarding sessions with you to make sure you and your team are comfortable with the platform if you have any questions, please reach out to your1:29 account manager or email support at additionally, you do have a knowledge center available to you just in the question mark above your initials

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