Alternatives to Jotform

What is Jotform?

Creating online forms is an often daunting and unavoidable challenge for many businesses. With Jotform, users can create a variety of forms utilizing various templates, allowing for a more seamless experience. Rather than spending extensive time navigating numerous and complex fields, you can craft a straightforward form that is secure and easy to use

Essential Role of Online Forms

Firstly, online forms allow companies to quickly and easily collect a variety of information from potential customers. This makes the onboarding experience much easier for both customers and companies. Data from online forms such as Jotform helps companies narrow down their focus to the most qualified leads rather than blindly pursuing each lead without knowing the suitability of the client. 

Additionally, online forms clearly communicate to customers what information is necessary to use a company's services. Many have additional drop-down menus, automatic filling of fields, and other features that assist customers in inputting their information more efficiently. Effective online forms make companies appear much more professional and on the cutting edge

Challenges of Online Forms

While online forms are incredibly useful, many challenges can arise that prevent them from being truly effective. Unfortunately, not all forms clearly state what information is required or optional. Understandably, this causes customers significant frustration as they need to know what information they need to input. 

Additionally, not all forms work on mobile devices, and this is a massive oversight as multichannel access is critical to customer experience now. Many forms also lack progress indicators that allow customers to track how much more they need to fill in on the form. Some forms also lack customizable features that can be geared towards specific customers

Online Forms with Jotform

Many have turned to Jotform as their online form solution and there are many good reasons for this. Jotform makes it very easy to set up forms and is designed to allow first-time users to understand their system easily. No advanced coding is required on the part of the customer, making Jotform an accessible online form solution. 

In addition to online forms, Jotform allows companies to collect eSignatures and use PDF mapping. Both of these features are incredibly useful for customer onboarding and dramatically speed up the process. With Jotform, it is also easy to leverage analytics to see how users are interacting with a business's form, and it gives a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of the online forms. Integrations are another helpful feature of Jotform, as users can directly integrate with popular CRM services such as Hubspot. These integrations allow companies to create a smoother customer onboarding experience

Jotform is also designed so that users can share confidential information safely. Some of its plans come with HIPAA compliance, and all of its plans are geared towards keeping secure information safe. Customization is key with Jotform, as it offers plans that allow companies to customize their system so it ideally suits their specific needs. 

While Jotform has many strengths and works for many companies, there are better fits for many others. Risk management features are not included within Jotform. This means that a Jotform user would need an additional system along with the Jotform system if their onboarding required risk management or underwriting. Additionally, helpful customer verification features such as KYC or KYB are not included within Jotform, requiring users to find additional assistance with this aspect of customer onboarding

Many of Jotform's plans also have monthly limits on the number of forms, submissions, and views that can prevent larger organizations from meeting the volume they require. Additionally, Jotform only allows one user per team for most of their plans. This hampers your onboarding team's ability to collaborate with Jotform and make the most of your customer onboarding experience. 

Jotform Pricing

Jotform's plans fall into two general categories: monthly and yearly plans. These plans range from $34 to $129 a month, with the annual plans having lower monthly costs. However, each of these plans comes with restrictions in areas such as the number of forms, form views, submissions, submission storage, and monthly signed documents. 

You will need to pay for a more expensive plan to gain access to higher limits on these components. Jotform also offers their Enterprise plan unlimited usage of all their components and is a better fit for larger organizations, with each Enterprise plan custom priced. To learn more about Jotform's pricing and plans, click here

Jotform Alternatives


ClickUp is another helpful online form solution that enables companies to dramatically reduce challenges with customer data collection. Forms can include pre filled fields from established customer data and customizable form pathways that appear for specific types of customers. In addition, ClickUp includes dozens of useful integrations and allows for easy collaboration by a company's onboarding team.

Unfortunately, ClickUp does not have mobile functionality, which prevents its solution from being accessed by multichannel customers. Additionally, like Jotform, ClickUp does not have customer verification or underwriting features that are essential to many businesses. 


Wufoo allows users to easily collect customer information and provides companies with the ability to process online payments through Wufoo's payment partners. Custom customer data reports are easy to create, and real-time notifications are sent whenever a form is filled out. Additionally, Wufoo makes exporting data to analytical software simple, allowing you to easily break down customer data. 

When it comes to integrations, Wufoo definitely lacks compared to some other options with few native integrations. Embedding a Wufoo form within an existing page can also be difficult, limiting its usefulness to some companies. Similar to Jotform, Wufoo sets monthly limits on features such as form number and form submissions. 


Paperform provides a high degree of flexibility and customization, with useful features such as eSignatures. With no-code solutions, Paperform makes it straightforward for businesses to begin leveraging new online form solutions. Payment gateways with Paperform are also easy, with gateways from Stripe, Square, and Paypal. 

One thing not available with Paperform is a free plan, and its templates are only viewable after registering for a free trial. It is also difficult to form responses into workflows with Paperform, and this makes project management more challenging. Finally, like other companies, Paperform is focused primarily on online forms and needs solutions for underwriting and customer verification

With Under, creating an online form or application is easy with our wide variety of templates. Our forms are designed to be user-friendly and provide your customers with as little friction as possible. We have all the helpful features that Jotform does, such as eSignatures, PDF mapping, and online application creation. 

Integrations are central to our work at Under, which has tons of great CRM integrations, including Hubspot and IRIS. Under is designed to be integration-friendly so that you have the onboarding and underwriting system that you need. We also have integrations that companies like Jotform do not have, such as KYC and KYB integrations. Under not only allows you to create quality online applications and forms but also allows you to craft a complete and streamlined onboarding process. 

Under can accomplish everything from initial application to customer verification, dramatically improving your onboarding and underwriting workflow. Rather than using Jotform or another company for data collection and another company for underwriting, you can get it all with Under. This allows for a smoother and more affordable system rather than two or more separate subscriptions to support customer onboarding. 

There are no monthly limits on features such as forms or form submissions. This is why Under is a great fit for businesses that see high volume and do not want to be restricted. Additionally, all of our tools are mobile friendly allowing you to effectively onboard multichannel customers. 

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