Best Online Form Builders

Online forms are an effective way to collect customer information, and organizations rely on them more than ever. There are many online form builders, and it is essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses before deciding which one to use. 

Are you looking for the best online form builders for your small business website? Form builders have exploded in popularity because they are easy to use for anyone, so small business owners can build their own websites without paying a developer. So in this post, we’ve listed some of the best online form creators and what makes each one stand out.


Businesses can find templates that work best for their needs by providing a wide variety of templates. Jotform's visual editor empowers you to customize forms and make them more appealing to your customers. Additionally, there are helpful integrations with Instagram and Adobe Sign that add additional functionality to Jotform forms. Jotform also has forms that meet high-security standards with HIPAA-compliant forms. Forms are also easy to design with Jotform, with drag-and-drop options that make form building a breeze. 

Despite the many benefits of Jotform, many useful features are not available with Jotforms cheaper plans. Additionally, many plans come with monthly limits on form submissions, with their paid plans starting at $39 monthly. Some Jotform integrations, such as CRM, require users to spend more time learning, which could be a challenge for smaller businesses. Jotform focuses exclusively on online forms and does not provide additional customer onboarding services. 

Google Forms

Like Jotform, Google Forms comes with drag-and-drop form options that are easy to use. The software is simple to use and requires very little time to implement. Another helpful feature is seamless integration with Google Sheets, allowing you to connect your data collection and analysis. Google Forms also comes with email reminders to ensure that your customers remember to fill out your forms

Google Forms is free, which is a significant appeal for many trying to figure out what they need from online forms. Despite offering real value for free, Google Forms has many limitations. There are no additional branching features for more complex forms, and the number of native integrations is limited. Google Forms also lacks important security features such as identity verification, which is often essential in industries such as financial services.


One of the reasons users enjoy Formstack is the code-free system, which is easy to use. With their Enterprise plan, you will have access to a Formstack team member who will assist your company in setting up your online forms. Another helpful feature is that these forms work the same regardless of the device your customers try to fill them out on. They also have Documents and Sign plans that enable you to collect electronic signatures and access document management

Formstack's plans start at $50 a month, and to access all the features mentioned above, you will need to pay more than this base amount. Formstack has limited customization that can inhibit companies' ability to specialize their forms for their needs. While Formstack does offer additional features such as electronic signatures, it does not include other useful features such as underwriting or verification. 


Forms can often feel, and if you are looking for an interactive form, Typeform is a popular choice. It comes with conditional logic that results in a much more conversational form flow that provides users with a unique experience. You can also add your branding to forms to create an appealing company image in the eyes of your customers. There are also helpful integrations with applications such as Hubspot and Google Sheets. 

One of the main downsides of Typeform is the cost. For example, their Business plan that allows for Salesforce integration costs $83 a month. However, there are limitations on how many users you can have on your account and how many responses you can collect. Their more basic plans are more limited and cost at least $25 a month. Another challenge with Typeform, like many online form providers, is that they lack other essential onboarding features, such as KYC. 

Cognito Forms

With conditional logic similar to Typeform, Cognito Forms can also create a smooth online form experience for your customers. It empowers you to conduct robust analytics on form engagement, allowing you to make informed decisions about improving your online forms. For some plans, Cognito Forms places no limits on the number of forms or responses you can process. You can also set up two-factor authentication to add a layer of security. 

One unfortunate component of Cognito Forms is that any edits you make to a form template will impact forms that have already been submitted. This can result in confusion and additional friction for customers. In order to have unlimited forms and responses, you will need to pay $99 a month for their Enterprise plan, which comes with integrations such as Paypal or Square. While Cognito Forms does include two-factor authentication, it does not conduct essential onboarding functions such as credit checks.

With Under, you can access customizable online form templates with all three of our plans. We have a wide variety of templates for you to choose from and to make forms more accessible than ever to create. Our Essentials for $59 a month plan empowers you to have branded forms with no limits, and you can collect eSignatures. Additionally, you get access to document mapping and signer attachments, allowing you to have a more robust data collection and signing process. 

Our Professional includes all these features and provides excellent security for $99 a month. You can access CRM integrations and verification tools such as KYC and KYB. To accomplish this, we partner with many outstanding organizations, such as Plaid and Middesk, to provide you with the best integrations. This plan also allows you to verify the banking information your customers provide. 

For larger companies, we have our Flex plan, which offers even more features and flexibility. You can conduct full credit underwriting and easily export data. Additionally, you get access to our beta features, which are at the cutting edge of underwriting and customer onboarding. This plan enables you to seamlessly provide the best onboarding experience on a large scale. is different from other online form builders because we do not stop with online forms. Our plans are designed to provide you with an end to end onboarding system. This includes not only the ability to build online forms but also features such as customer verification, document management, and electronic signatures. Click here to try out our 14 day trial and see for yourself how Under can help you transform your customer onboarding process from start to finish. 

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