Hey guys, it's Andy over at Under, great being with you at SEAA. I wanted to send over just a quick couple of examples of how we're helping clients out.

So on my screen, I'm just going to go ahead and create a lead-gen form just to start. So I'm going to name it. And then in a matter of seconds, I now have an online form that I can embed. I can also turn on an integration to a CRM system like HubSpot or to redirect. Once that's to my liking. Then share the link either by the URL or embedding it, embedding. It's just going to be better from a branding perspective.

So I can copy that. And then what they're doing is pasting it on their landing page. For them with their integration, they go ahead and trigger some workflows and HubSpot also offering the ability to schedule a time via Calendly. As that's happening the merchant themselves will get an email. Do their contact sales or submit a full application. They'll also even get a text and it'll have a full application using our link as well. Or alternatively on their website, what they're doing is selecting a path kind of showing some pricing and whatnot. And then if they like that pricing, great, go ahead and get started right away. So I clicked that. It goes to our full application. Filling out the details at the end, of course, they'll be able to go ahead and complete the application and sign off on it.

Upload supporting docs. And another couple of videos, I'll kind of show you what's going on behind the scenes from collection of the supporting documents.1:40 Verifications, all that good stuff.

Thanks again.

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