How to Collect Supporting Documents Easily

Hey team, in today's video I want to show you how easy it is to collect supporting documents, additional underwriting documents, post acquisition documents, whatever the case may be.

So in the application editor we call it, you have the option for supporting documents. You'll see a list of different ones listed. Let's go ahead and say we need a copy of a driver's license, right? I'm going to add the key, driver's license, cool, click save. And then within a matter of seconds, I can now share this. And I'll put it here. Go ahead and refresh the screen. So, you know, sometimes when we're collecting personal information on these supporting documents, we want to make sure it's verified for that individual. So we'll go ahead and send out a six digit code. And then the client of course can go ahead and upload any of this 40 documents that are requested.

You can mark those as required or not required. This can be part of your pre-application links that you can, to be part of your full merchant applications. So you can collect all the data in the supporting docs all within one place. When that data then comes in, in the Customers tab, you will have a Data and Docs section. It will be the first tab. That opens up. Let's go back to this guy. If I scroll down to documents, I can see that this. Individual completed a thesis application. I have the e-signature confirmation. And then the supporting docs that were requested was bank statements, processing statements, didn't look so like he uploaded that. We did request articles or driver's license. So let's go ahead and see. Okay, great. I can have some. Sort of proof of business, if you will, and a copy of the individual's driver's license, too.

Hope this helps.

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