Embed An Application in Your Gmail Signature

Hey everyone, in today's video, I'm going to show you how you can add an application link or a pre-application link to your email signature.

So what I'm going to do is create one from scratch. Just going to be a pre-app. So right away, I'll already have tons of fields available through me or for me through our template. If you wanted to change that change the order within this app editor you have the ability to drag and drop change the order. Or add conditional logic to fields, things that we've talked about before.

So now I'll just go ahead and grab the URL, my email. Alright, cool. So I would open up the settings tab. I'd scroll down to the signature your company. Right now you can see it's a schedule call. I'm going to click into here and do pre-application. What I'm going to do is command K, which allows me to hyperlink, paste the code, click OK. Alright, all that looks good. Let's go ahead and save my changes. Alright, great. And now, I need to change my signature.

So I don't want to use this one now. Nope, sorry. So the key there, just make sure you change the signature correct. Obviously I would format it a bit different, but now anybody comes here. I know it's going to complete my pre-application. Then the value of course would be, you know, if this is a worthy client, I can go ahead and do a copy data to your new application, which takes all that data and puts it on whatever final agreement you need that to be put on.

Thanks for reading ✌️
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