Essentials to Making an Effective Online Form

Making an effective online form is a handy tool for various companies. Online forms provide a fantastic opportunity for companies to collect high-quality data to improve their business operations. There are multiple tricks to optimize your online forms. 

What are Online Forms?

Online forms are online questionnaires or surveys used to collect various information. While the specific format of an online form can vary widely at its core, every single one allows communication between customers and businesses. The avenues of communication and data gathered in such forms assist the company, its customers, and prospective customers. 

There are a wide variety of business functions that online forms can perform. These include selling products, collecting data from leads, and providing quotes or customer feedback. Forms can be easily adapted to fulfill all of these functions and more. Knowing a given form's specific purpose and function is the first step in making an effective online form

Tricks to Making an Effective Online Form

There are many moving parts that you need to consider when making an effective online form. Take your time to address all of these to ensure you get the most from your online forms. 

Short and Simple

Use simple language in your questions. No one wants to answer a question that takes five minutes to understand. The easier the questions are to understand, the more likely they will be answered. 

Your online form should take less than 20 minutes to fill out completely. The shorter, the better. Ensure it is as quick as possible so customers' time is well-spent and they are more likely to complete the form. Make it user-friendly. With clear instructions and effective formatting, customers can quickly provide the information that your company needs. Make sure labels for fields and buttons are as clear and concise as possible. Customers should know exactly what each field needs and what each button does. 

Question Order and Type

Order the questions so they build on each other. For example, have all the shipping questions next to each other and all the payment questions next to each other. Avoid being invasive about your questions. You need people to be as comfortable as possible if you will get them to answer your questions. Knowing what your audience is willing to share is vital to making an effective online form.

Error Messages

People will make mistakes inputting information on your form. Make sure your error messages are clear about what is missing. Error messages must use neutral language so customers do not become frustrated because they feel the error messages are nagging them

Column Formatting

Keep the form in one column rather than multiple. Studies show this speeds up completion time and will increase the likelihood that customers will complete the form. 

Optimize Fields

Consolidate information fields whenever possible to reduce the number of fields. For example, use one field for the name rather than splitting it into two for the first and last name. Only include the required fields within your online form. This reduces the time customers have to spend reading through the form and keeps the form clean. Use form field types that enable information to gather more quickly, such as checkboxes and date pickers. This makes information gathering easier for both you and your customers. 

Studies show that forms with seven fields or more are less successful. Each page has five fields or fewer, which is essential to making an effective online form. Setting geolocation to input information such as billing country automatically is necessary. You can also put the most used options at the top of a dropdown menu


You can use logic rules functionality to make more customized online forms automatically. This can be done by setting specific questions after particular answers. This increases customer engagement as the form becomes tailored to them as they progress through it. 

Keyboard Optimization

When you only need numerical inputs, have the keyboard switch automatically to a numbers-only keyboard for mobile users. Use autocomplete as much as possible, and this is especially useful for mobile users.

Save Option

By adding a save and resume function, a customer or prospect does have to complete the form in one session. However, this allows them to complete the form according to their schedule. 

Custom URL

Explore using custom URLs for your online forms. These allow you to easily promote them on your website, blog, or social media. 

Follow Through

Ensure that your team follows up quickly for online forms geared toward lead generation. Ideally, include the time frame they should expect to be contacted on the form. Ensure your team sticks to that time so customers know you can be trusted.

Benefits of Making an Effective Online Form

Online forms enable incredible leaps in productivity. Not only can your business save time manually collecting customer data, but the insights online forms reveal can allow you to make adjustments to boost your productivity. 

You can consistently keep tabs on your company with systematic data collection. This can help ensure that your company is on track to meet its metrics and allows you to adjust quickly. In addition, these online forms can help your marketing and sales team narrow your target audience. This will enable you to make more effective marketing campaigns for your ideal customers. 

Online forms are also one of the most effective means of lead generation. Potential customers can explore what options you have and provide you with their information. Ensure that your team follows up quickly for online forms geared toward lead generation. They allow customers to engage with your brand easily and reach out for more information

Another benefit of making an effective online form is that you can easily use it to gather data from many people. People can access it easily from any device and quickly fill it out. This allows you to view the bigger picture of how consumers view your brand and how you can improve. 

Final Thoughts

Central to making an effective online form is making it easy for customers to fill out. With an engaging and straightforward online form, customers and potential customers are much more likely to complete the form. High levels of engagement are critical to any company gathering valuable data from its online forms. 

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