Exploring the Power of ISOs and Agents in Digital Account Opening 👥

Hey everybody, for those at MWA this week was great being with you. Thanks for stopping by our booth and giving us some feedback. You know one of the things we overlooks from time to time as much as we focus on digital account opening and selling online is the power of ISOs in their agents, those out in the field. And we want to make sure you guys are aware of the value that we're adding to those types of processes. But within our platform you have the ability to have a user hierarchy based upon master admins, admins or sales role sales specific to those agents that can only see their own customers. But you can also add their own logo. So if they have a different DBA that they go by and they really want that brand recognition, this would be a great tool for them. You can go ahead for agents and create customers specific to their their merchants. They can fill out five percent, 50 percent, 99 percent of the information in here.

We have template capabilities. So if they don't want to mess with like the miscellaneous fees, we want to make sure that's above cost. But let's say for example this is interchanged plus 50 basis points. We're going to cut them a deal and it's just going to be 10 cents per transaction. So 20, this will only affect that particular customer, not the master template. Then they can go ahead and send it off for completion. We'll pre-populate the data if it was filled in ahead of time, grab the signature and of course the supporting documents. One of the things that we heard a lot this week is, hey, we're using the Docusign or e-signatures, but there's still a lot of back and forth to collect the supporting documents. So as you can see my screen within one full swoop, we will go ahead, get the data, get the e-signature, and then the supporting documents. All while it's right then and there and from. One of the merchants. One last piece of feedback we got is, hey, to make it like easy, you know, if we start off on one app and you to go to another, what can happen? So it doesn't necessarily have to be just for applications, think about other onboarding documents, ACH addendums, bank change forms, etc. I can go ahead, copy data to new application.You can also think of it as a new PDF. And so for this one, I'm going to my app and ACH, TSYS, copy data. And just like that, I'm done. I don't have to start from scratch. It'll all pre-populate for me.

Thanks for reading ✌️
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