Fighting Fraud while Investing in Inbound Marketing

Building an online presence is challenging for many businesses. Marketing requires significant investment, but it is essential that you do not ignore security, as fraud has become more prevalent. You must have the right tools to help your sales while maintaining the highest levels of security. 

Establishing an Organic Presence

Unique Content

To truly stand out online, you must create unique content to your niche and provide the best quality content possible. Ideally, you want to build a reputation for being a reliable, consistent, and high-quality source of information in your chosen area. This content can take many forms, from blogs to Instagram posts, but it must be unique to your business. 

Understand Your Audience

Creating unique and valuable content is difficult if you do not understand your target audience. What are the challenges they deal with? How can we make their lives easier? What information resonates most with them? You need to be able to answer these questions to craft content that speaks to your target audience and makes them keep coming back to you to learn more about your business. 

Utilize SEO

The internet is vast, and standing out from the crowd can be challenging. Fortunately, with SEO, you can craft content much more likely to be picked up organically by users. You can specifically craft your content using trendy SEO terms and gain more traffic

Engage with Others

Engaging with other companies that post related content is another excellent way to get more attention for your website. This is especially true on social media such as LinkedIn, as there is an abundance of companies posting great content every day. Rather than trying to build your own following entirely from scratch, engage more established companies and work to interest some of their already large followings in engaging with you. Additionally, suppose you are effective with engagement. In that case, you may even get one of those more established companies to shout out your content and get more eyes on your content and services. 

Organic vs. Paid Organic Traffic Cost

Organic traffic typically has a lower cost in the short run as companies can craft content in-house and use existing social media to spread their content. Some companies may also invest in different kinds of social media subscriptions, such as LinkedIn Premium. These social media plans give companies more tools to reach and cultivate organic traffic. However, they do add additional costs for companies developing their marketing strategy. 

Paid traffic is more expensive in the short run but delivers faster results than organic traffic. These are great for short-term promotions by immediately getting more eyes on your new product. With paid traffic being more expensive, companies need to be strategic about when they try to create paid traffic

Are Ads Worth It?

Ads are a valuable tool for any marketing and sales team, but they need to be used correctly. 

Importantly, companies cannot ignore creating quality organic content. While ads play an essential role in marketing, most of the traffic on a company's website originates organically from Google. As such, ads cannot be the sole focus of any marketing team. You need quality content that draws users in organically to have long-term success marketing online. 

While ads are complementary to organic content and traffic, they are very helpful. Ads need to have high returns on their investment, as they are more costly than organic content. Because of this, companies need to focus on producing high-quality ads instead of a large quantity of ads. 

Advertising should pay for itself rather than a company pouring money constantly into an ineffective marketing campaign. Options such as Google Ads are available that offer a low-cost solution for advertisement.  As mentioned, new product releases are a great time to launch an ad campaign. This is a great opportunity to increase traffic, and it happens relatively infrequently, preventing you from spending too much on constant advertising. 

Focusing on Quality Leads

Another big challenge with generating online traffic is focusing only on quality leads. You are wasting valuable time if most of your leads are from fraudsters or people who do not think your service is designed for you. Fortunately, there are ways to make focusing only on quality leads easier. 

As mentioned before, you need to understand your audience so your content is only geared towards those who are quality leads for your business. Another method is to provide easy-to-fill forms for prospective customers to complete. Data from these forms allow you to narrow down your sales efforts only to those customers who meet your ideal criteria

Companies also must contend with false leads and fraudsters. Not only do these waste the time and energy of any sales team, but they also open the company to fraud. Solutions such as KYC and multi-factor authentication are great ways to prevent these bad actors from gaining access to your services. Fortunately, these security measures can be added without additional friction for legitimate customers with automation. 

Help Your Sales Team with Under

Sorting through leads can often be daunting for even the best sales teams, but with Under, it is easier than ever to focus on qualified leads. First, we provide unique online form templates that you can easily customize. These allow you to collect information from prospective customers smoothly without forcing people to fill out clunky forms. With this data, you can analyze and narrow down leads to more effectively focus on the best fit for your business. 

We also make it easier than ever to fight fraudsters with proactive identity verification. These include top-of-the-line KYC, KYB, and multi-factor authentication. All of these ensure that your sales team only deals with legitimate customers and not fraudsters. This protects your company from costly breaches and allows your sales team to narrow down their focus even more. 

With Under, your sales team can also provide a smooth end-to-end customer onboarding experience. Our system is designed with many valuable integrations that allow you to collect applications, verify customer data, underwrite, and onboard them. Smooth onboarding is another selling point that your sales team can leverage for customers tired of long and complex financial services onboarding. Click here to learn more about our plans and how Under can help your sales team. 

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