Form Builder for Financial Services

Online forms are a fantastic tool; many quality form builders are available. However, financial service providers have unique requirements that many form builders may be unable to meet. Choosing a form builder that understands and meets the challenges faced by financial service companies is essential. 

Critical Aspects of Form Builders


No one software can do everything your business needs, and that is where integrations come in. The best form builders include many native integrations that tie your online forms with your business's other functions. These integrations can vary from payments to CRM, and the more integrations you have access to, the better. 

More specifically, for financial services, form builders can provide tons of useful integrations. These can include KYC or KYB, which allows your business to verify customer identities or evaluate its owners. Another useful integration is multi-factor authentication, which provides a higher level of security and ensures only authorized parties have access to sensitive financial information. 


Templates are a potent tool that makes form builders much easier. Rather than building out forms from scratch, you can choose a template and fine-tune it to fit your needs. Many form builders offer templates for you to choose from, making it easier to get your form online and in front of your customers

It is especially helpful if these templates have drag-and-drop features that make them really easy to edit. This is especially useful for financial services companies that need to collect a wide variety of data from customers and allows you to add fields quickly to a form template. Additionally, you may want to consider finding a form builder that specializes in your industry, as they are more likely to have templates that best suit your needs. 


Form builders are all about empowering you to collect data from customers. However, this data is only useful with practical data analysis. Additionally, you should be able to assess how your customers interact with your forms to improve them. This allows you to provide your customers with a more user-friendly experience

Data analytics is especially important in financial services, as you have to sort through a mountain of data for each customer, ranging from tax information to email addresses. You need effective analytics to assess this information. You also need to understand how to streamline your forms to allow your customers an easy experience sharing all of this expansive data with you. 

Form Builders for Financial Services


Jotform is a solid choice for many companies and comes with plenty of positives. With Jotform, you get access to a massive template library that allows you to find templates that best suit your needs. They offer plenty of customization options, such as question types and an easy-to-use visual editor. Additionally, you get access to some great native integrations, including document signing and payments. 

While Jotform is a high-quality form builder, it may not fit a financial service company best. Even with integrations, Jotform does not include other essential features that financial service companies need, such as identity verification and credit checks. Many of Jotform’s plans also set monthly limits on how many form submissions you can collect. Jotform has an extensive template library, but this library is geared towards a wide range of businesses, and you may struggle to find a template that fits your needs, specifically as a financial service. 


Typeform allows you to embed your forms into your website easily. They also provide great conversational forms that make navigating easy for customers. Analytic tools are also embedded into your forms, allowing you to assess conversion rates and completion time. You can also use dozens of templates and customization tools to fine-tune your forms. It is also easy to add your branding to your forms. 

Typeform is an excellent tool for many businesses. Still, it may not be the best fit for your business as a financial service provider. You must follow various regulations when onboarding customers. These regulations include features such as KYC, address verification, and owner risk assessments. Typeform does not have these built in, and you will need to have another provider assist you with these essential onboarding steps

Typeform and Jotform are both quality form builders; however, they both share the weakness that they are not designed specifically for financial service providers. This is where steps in to provide financial services-specific solutions. We understand that this industry has many unique challenges and have designed our tools to address these challenges. 

With our online forms, you can find over 1,000 templates specifically geared towards the financial services you provide. These templates are easy for your team to adjust and edit to provide your customers with a smooth experience. Additionally, unlike many other form builders, there are no monthly limits on our online forms, allowing you to collect as many submissions as you want. 

Integrations are also central to our work here at Under. We provide so many amazing native integrations in our system, ranging from address verification to CRM, allowing you to have one streamlined system. We include useful security features with our online forms, such as multi-factor authentication, allowing you to provide your customers with peace of mind that their information is being secured. 

Online forms are just part of what we do at Under, as we work to provide financial service providers with an end-to-end onboarding and underwriting system. We provide online forms, document collection, and digital signatures for the initial underwriting process. Then, you can utilize our KYC, KYB, or credit check tools to assess whether a client meets your requirements and compliance regulations. 

Our system is designed with security in mind to meet all the complex financial requirements financial service providers must meet. We understand you handle sensitive client information and fraud is widespread and ensure only authorized parties have access to this data. We also offer a variety of plans so you can pay for the features you need. Our plans are also easily scalable, so we can adjust our service as your company achieves more success. Try our two-week trial to see how Under can change your onboarding strategy and give you an edge over the competition. 

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