How to Embed a Digital Application on Your Website in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Hey guys, in today's video, I'm going to show you how you can embed a digital application on your website in less than five minutes. How come I'm going to even try for three minutes?

So this is They utilize our software. They're a nice enough to give me some access today to show you the Ins and outs. They have pricing directly on their website and it gets started now button. If I click get started, it's going to go ahead and redirect me to our page, the platform with a full application. So in this use case, I selected that there was, so it was going to be the card not present or the online plan that they were offering.

So to start what they did was they uploaded a TSYS application, got the fields completely mapped out added some default pricing into that. As you can see here, once that was all good, they went ahead and built out the online form. So all the fields that are needing to be collected and then mapped onto the PDF, you'll see this attached PDF section. They tied the TSYS card-not-present plan application onto it.

You can see all the data that we've added. I'm going to scroll down kind of fast. We of course are going to render the PDF to be completed to grab signatures on and collect supporting documents. They were actually nice enough to give me access to their Webflow. So on the page that we just saw they have a call to action button and the ability to redirect to the URL and they're going to choose to open in a new tab, you know, symbolize it. Or within WordPress you create a new page, build a call to action or add some text to then get hyperlinked. You can use our URL redirect.

Let me bounce back into the screen real quick. So you'll have this share button. So you can utilize our your URL to redirect or you can utilize our embedded iframe. That's just gonna be a bit better if you're really looking to control the branding experience. We'd love to get your feedback if you guys have recommendations on different CMSs or website builders that you want us to get into. Let us know and we'll make another video for ya.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thanks for reading ✌️
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