How to Stop Fraud at the Door with Twilio

Everyone, in today's video, I'm going to show you how to stop fraud from knocking on your door. So a lot of people use our forms to live on the internet, on their website, wherever to collect lead information, information about their end user. So rather than spending time on bad actors, let's focus time on qualified individuals.

So the first thing that we'll do is send out a six digit code. This six digit code will only go to legitimate phone numbers. It won't go to anybody from a high risk country. Somebody using We'll see you next week. A voice over IP that's not registered or even like a toll-free number. So just a quick example, I'm going to type in a toll-free number. You'll see it's going to block it. Okay, can't happen. So instead I'm going to actually type in my work phone number and I'm going to get a six digit code. On the back end we can go ahead and show you the carrier, you know, who's tied to 544. And then because I can pass this I can move on.

This saves us from needing the end user to create another. Thanks for watching. You know username and password. It's the last thing we all need in today's age. They just get a six digit code and they can proceed. We'll still collect it, you know, personal information and let's say your client only gets halfway through. They can come back to this URL. They'll get a new six digit code so they can proceed.

Thanks for reading ✌️
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