How is Different than Other Form Builders

Form builders are an incredible asset for any company. They provide great value and features that make them essential to modern business. However, it is just as important to choose the form builder that best fits the needs of your industry and business. For financial service companies, this is where steps in. 

Form Builder Benefits


Online forms make it much easier to collect customer data without doing all the work yourself. Form builders go a step further by doing the form set up for you and saving you from having to build every last detail of your online forms. All this data you gather is stored digitally and is much more efficient to sort through and analyze. 

Lead Generation

With online forms, collecting customer information is easy. This data allows you to focus more on qualified leads and better understand who they are and what they need. You can use this data to adjust your services to better fit your customers' needs, which in turn leads to more leads in the long run. 

Testing and Customization

One remarkable feature of many form builders is the ability to conduct A/B testing. This allows you to test changes with nearly identical forms. Data such as this makes it easy to customize your forms and make them better for your clients. Another valuable perk of form builders is the ability to include branding in your online forms. 

What should a Form Builder include?


While there are advantages to building a custom form for your business, this can be very time-consuming. Form builders often provide templates you can customize to fit your needs better. This enables you to have some flexibility without having to add extensive work for your team.  Some form builders even create templates specific to certain industries, which can be incredibly valuable. 


Similar to many other software tools, your online forms must integrate with other software you use. These integrations can vary widely from CRM software to Google Docs. Either way, your form builder must empower you to have online forms that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your system. Because of this necessity for integrations, many form builders offer native integrations to make your life easier. 

Sharing and Analytics

Online forms are all about data collection, and it is essential that you can quickly analyze this data. In addition, your form should record how customers interact with it, allowing you to make informed decisions about improving your online forms. Your forms should be easily spread across multiple platforms because an online form is only useful if your customers fill it out. It would help if you had a form builder that lets you spread your online forms across as many avenues as possible

Form Builder Options


An awesome way to create online order forms is Paperform. It offers native integrations to Google and Facebook analytics, allowing you to easily maximize the potential of your forms. They also make it incredibly easy to customize order forms to products without extensive modification. You can also create forms from scratch with their toolset. 

You can also add custom price or coupon features to your forms to give customers more savings options. They also have many helpful payment integrations, such as Paypal and Square, allowing you to process payments with your online forms. Paperform also includes features such as importing product lists that can save you time. 

Google Forms

Google Forms is a great free platform for creating general forms. While these forms are not the most customized or specialized, they are very easy to use. Additionally, Google Forms integrates with other Google tools, such as Sheets. It is also very easy to share Google Forms with a URL, allowing you to reach a larger customer base. 

You can also set up email reminders to ensure your customers fill out the forms you need them to. Drag and drop features make adding and adjusting fields to your forms very easy. You can also edit forms offline while you are on the go, and you can make your forms multi-part to make them less overwhelming for your customers

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is an amazing tool for making your teams run smoothly. With Zoho Forms, you can allow your entire team to quickly share forms in one streamlined system. Unsurprisingly, collaboration is incredibly streamlined and allows you to assign tasks to different members of your team with ease. Zoho's CRM software also integrates with their form builder, allowing you to conduct business operations more efficiently. 

With Zoho Forms, you can choose from dozens of templates and a visual editor that makes these forms easier for your team to interact with. Analytics tools also allow you to assess how your team is interacting with the forms and determine if any adjustments need to be made. For larger companies, Zoho Forms makes it easy for forms to be approved by all the necessary supervisors. 


If you are looking for templates, look no further than Jotform. Jotform has an immense library of templates you can choose from and adjust for your business. They also include fillable PDFs and native payments integrations. Jotform is a well-rounded form builder. Similar to other form builders, it includes easy-to-use features such as drag-and-drop to adjust your forms.

Suppose you are a more significant business that needs more coding features. In that case, you can pay extra and get a more customizable toolset from Jotform. You can even create downloadable apps that users can access via their phones, making your forms even more accessible. The only downsides to Jotform are that the cost is often too high for smaller
businesses, and their more standard plans have monthly submission limits

How is Different?

What makes truly special is our specialization in financial services. There are plenty of awesome form builders out there, but they lack the tools that financial service companies need. Firstly, financial services companies need to conduct customer validation, and our forms integrate with an entire toolset of KYC and KYB tools. This allows you to verify legitimate customers and remain compliant with regulations. Our forms are also straightforward to share across platforms with easy to copy and embed URLs. 

Additionally, many financial services companies need to conduct underwriting to ensure a client's eligibility for their products and services. Many companies have a separate system in place for this, but with Under, all you need is one account with us. is an end-to-end customer onboarding solution for financial services that allows you to create a secure and streamlined onboarding process. 

There are numerous other features with Under that make financial services underwriting easier. From eSignatures to application builders, you can tackle any onboarding problems that come your way. We also have tons of native integrations from KYC to CRM that seamlessly integrate Under with the software tools you use. Click here to learn more about our plans and how they can help you. 

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