Manager Your Customers Documents in their Customer Record

Hey everyone, in today's video we're going to discuss document management. There's a couple of use cases for this but the first one's going to be document management within the customer record.

So this is where you have collected information from your customer, they uploaded documents that you've requested and where does those documents go.So within the data and docs of that particular customer record, you will see that, you know, if we grab e-signatures that would be listed under the generated documents. This will load in just one second. E-signature there, the e-signature confirmation page will be here as well. And then any additional documents that were requested will be available here for you to review.

You'll see a status of either uploaded or not uploaded. There's another video that we have that speaks about collecting documents on the end user form whether it's just that or if it's with additional fields being collected, feel free to reference that in our library. Additionally, if you are trying to organize data coming in or documents that are added outside of the under platform, you can come in here and click the upload document button. This will allow you to just grow ahead and upload something that came directly from your computer. If you got a document from them via email and you just want to keep it within one place, this is how you would do so.

Thanks for watching!

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