PDF Mapping Overview

Hey everybody, in this video we are going to go over the pdf mapping function.

So I'm going to come in here and click add new pdf, It's going to be a maverick. Okay. I'm going to grab it from my computer and create pdf. So what this is going to do is it's going to populate the pdf in which we can grab fields from our under dictionary or create custom fields to go ahead. So let's go ahead and delete a bunch of these all I'm doing. I'm on a Mac so I can command and drag over to delete multiple fields at once. And then I would just come in search for legal names. Drag and drop and just repeat throughout the process. If needed, if you needed to collect signatures, right? The purpose of MPA is to get an agreement signed off on so I can come in here, add an electronic signature, add the date sign so it will automatically populate as soon as the client signs the date of today or whenever they're signing it. I can add radio buttons to maybe even multiple options but they can only check one. Check boxes if, you know, if you allow for multiple to be checked, drop downs, text etc.

Additionally you can go ahead and pre-fill data when we think about miscellaneous fees, pricing templates, maybe there's some information specifically. It's specific to your company that'll always carry over. So I can come in here and change it from map to fill mode. Alright, transaction fee is going to be 10 cents. Authorization fee is going to be 10 cents. And then if needed, you can change this on a per-customer so that would only affect the customer. It wouldn't affect the master template of what we're building out here today. And then of course once that's up to your liking in the app editor field, you'll have an attached PDF section. You would just select that and tie it to it so, you know, that the date is popular.  You'll see in this key it's labeled as like an underscore one. So now if I add another one you'll see it's underscore two. Let's do one more underscore three. So now we can collect legal name once in the online form and it'll populate four times on this document.

Thank you for watching!

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