Under.io Speeds Up the Sales Cycle for Payline

Client: Payline Data

Challenge: Shift Payline’s Focus to Revenue Generation   

Key Metrics:

  • 76% Decreased onboarding time
  • $10K+ Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) per account
  • 31.7% Increased merchant account approvals


Payline wanted to speed up the onboarding process when it comes to Merchant Acoounts. The staff tasked with entering information into the processor’s dashboards and the CRM recognized inefficiencies. As a result, they sought ways to save the time spent copying and pasting client data. They knew that if an application was declined, the whole data entry process had to be repeated . With each application, the process had to start from the beginning, ending in frustration for Payline and its prospective merchants.

As Payline continued to grow, they were able to build a few ad hoc solutions using a combination of Salesforce, Conga Composer, DocuSign, Ninja Forms, and Zapier. Unfortunately, these apps fell short regarding full integration with an existing CRM and meeting the requirements of multiple processors. In addition, Payline was looking to simplify the onboarding process, save on administrative expenses, and shift staff focus from manual data entry to more revenue-generating activities.

The Solution from Under.io

Under’s co-founder, Jeff Shea, a partner at PDS/Payline, knew that Under.io could streamline many of the administrative processes, eliminating duplicate work. They offered seamless integration into the processor and CRM by embedding links in Payline’s email campaigns and website. Now the task of copying data to a new application is as easy as clicking a single button.

With Under’s custom solution, a client can go directly to a link on the Payline website or in an email campaign. The customer fills out 70% of the fields they used to fill out, sign, and upload docs on the same screen. Then, if they hit the auto-approval criteria of the acquirer's underwriting system, Payline can often have their account approved and onboarded within five minutes. This allows them them to compete with payment processing giants like Square and Stripe.

Before the Under solution was implemented, Payline submitted approximately 80 applications a month, each requiring 2,080 mins (34.6 hrs) in onboarding time. As a result, 57% of the submitted applications were approved.

Under's Results

After signing with Under, Payline now has a digital application in email drip campaigns and their website. Onboarding time decreased to 680 mins, or by 11.33 hours (75% of the time is on the merchant's time) and with their KYC/KYB. Now 89% of the applications Payline submits are approved!​​ In short, productivity is up and:

  • Overall approvals have increased by 31.7%.
  • ARR has increased by over $10k per account.
  • Onboarding time decreased by a staggering 76%.

Jeff Shea says, "Many people have a crazy thought about what integration means. But, when it boils down to it, it's about taking data from one field in Under.io and seeing it in the CRM or processor in the field we need. Seeing is believing. Once we saw the full address in Under passed to the address fields in our CRM (+45 other fields), we understood how much time we would save.”

And, of course, saving time means saving money. By eliminating a good chunk of the administrative busy work, Payline has been able to spend its time pursuing more carefully qualified leads.

Under.io's Easy Implementation Process 

Under was keenly aware of how difficult change can be and provided a dedicated POC that responded promptly to messages and needs. They answered questions and offered resolutions for any obstacle that was encountered. After an initial onboarding session with Ryan McCurry, Payline understood how to create apps, set default values, clone, make edits, and complete various other tasks. There are typically 21 steps from a client filling out a lead form to an account being approved. Under decreased that process to just eight steps. Teammates described the process as very natural and easy to implement. In addition to creating merchant apps, Payline can utilize other onboarding docs: including addendums, equipment order forms, VAS, etc.

There have been several changes that have helped Payline since signing up with Under in 2021. First and foremost, they now have an internet-facing call to action button on their site. Payline can confirm that the leads coming through are legitimate and worth the sales team's time. With the addition of the KYC and KYB, they can automate the process through Under. Additionally, since they place MIDs through a variety of acquirers, Payline has been able to add more integrations. This includes both processor and gateways, to automate processes further.

During the implementation, Under managed scheduling times with the onboarding team. They went through entering the applications needed, set default values, and trained Payline’s team to manage a growing client base. With Under’s solution up and running, Payline can continue to address changing customer needs by using its website and email campaigns.

A Friend at Payline's Side

The Under.io team worked with Payline throughout the onboarding period. They added their embedded iframe to the Payline website to be used as their Application page. “They were there every step of the way”, said Shea. “The onboarding process with our sales reps and their head of product was straightforward and efficient.”

Additional Benefits with Under.io

The Auto Save feature for leads was a pleasant surprise to Payline. It allows their sales teams to find hundreds of leads that started and then abandoned the application before completing it. The teams understand that prospects abandon applications for a variety of reasons, not because they assume they won’t qualify.

With Under’s system installed, Payline can now generate downloadable PDF documents for their clients, getting them one step closer to fulfilling their mission of getting account approved in a way that exceeds customer expectations. Payline continues to grow and add processors while developing plans to expand integrations into bidirectional integrations. Under’s solutions help them with client retention and arms them to fight attrition by adding conditional logic and providing the proper onboarding documents.

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