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Getting Started

Setting up account

Navigate to Templates>Marketplace to view our out of the box applications ready to use. These applications are connected to the PDFs you need.

Getting to know the platform

The customer record is where you can manage all of the data, documents, certificates, and integrations for your customers. Each customer record has 4 different sections; Data, PDF, Docs, and Integrations.


Our eSignature is very similar to the DocuSign experience. Your customers will be able to click and sign and save their signature to efficiently fill out your applications. Additionally, we have multi-signer so if the business has mutliple owners, they can each fill it out individually.

Once an application gets signed, you can download the e-signature confirmation out of our Customer Record.


‍Download All Documents

Downloading All Documents

Navigate to the Customer Record > Docs tab > Download All.


Downloading Individual Documents

Downloading Individual Documents

Navigate to the Customer Record > Docs tab > Download.


Uploading Supporting Documents

If you want to upload a document to an already filled out application, you can do that within the Customer Record>Docs tab.


Add Docs Upload to Online Form

Requesting, Uploading, and Downloading Supporting Documents

Adding Supporting Documents to an online form

When you are building your applications, you set which documents are collected from the customer. You have the ability to make each document required or not, provide help text, and much more.

Redirect URL

Adding a Redirect URL within a Template

You can redirect your customers after the completion of their application. Go to the Settings section in your Template and choose the Redirect link. Insert the intended destination.

Currently, Under notifies the user they are being redirected before sending them to the intended destination.

Universal Tag Manager (UTM)

We give you the ability to add UTM Parameters to your applications so you can track where each customer is coming from.