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Creating, editing, and maintaining online forms

The Form view within the Templates product allows you to create a digital application. You will start with a pre-defined Under Dictionary. The Under Dictionary will provide you with any field you would need to create and finish an application. If you would like to create variations of these fields you will be able to do that by hitting the “+ Create” button at the top right of the left-hand sidebar. 

Clicking and dragging the fields from the left-hand sidebar to the middle section will allow you to quickly create a digital application to send to your customers or embed on your website.

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Field Settings





Default Value





Conditional Logic

Field and Card Logic


Mapping, Combining, Editing, and Maintaining mapped PDFs

Adding a PDF to any template allows you to open any financial services account, digitally. To ensure all of the data you collect gets mapped onto the PDF, navigate to the “PDF” section above in the banner. 

Here, you can manipulate the PDF to ensure all fields tie to the PDF correctly once the customer completes it. Our support team can assist you with the first template you create to answer all of your questions.

Integration Auto Sync

Automatically sync your integrations after online forms are completed

Push data to your integrations automatically after an online form has been completed by toggling on the AutoSync feature within the integrations page in your Template.


Establish your settings for you and your team

General Settings: Navigate to the lower left corner and find your initials. Hover and then hit settings. In here, you can change your information, password, billing details, and much more.

Appearance: We give you the ability to white-label your applications so your customers see your branding while they sign up online. Navigate to the initials in the lower left of your screen, hit settings, and then upload your logo. Each user in their account can have different logos- no worries if your agents need a different one!

Redirect: Point your customers where you would like after they complete your application. Common use cases are success messages, a landing page on your website, or to your reviews so they are confident signing up with you.

Integration Configuration

Configure your integrations to map your form field values to Under's common model fields

Under will enable you to map field values to the Under Common Model Fields in order to get the data where you need