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KYC Tools provides a 4- point KYC to instantly verify your customers. With a single click, Underimplements a comprehensive workflow that validates identity across multipledata sources & vendors. The result of our workflow provides an Approved,Manual Review, or Decline Result including detailed results on the data collected.

Ekata verifies identity information leveraging over 5B global identity records from telecoms, postal authorities, cable/utilities, directory assistance, and credit bureaus.Under uses attributes for phone and email verification as part of the BestPractices workflow, including
●Email validity
●Email to name match
●Email first seen
●Disposable email domain

Iovation provides device reputation and behavioral insights for fraud detection and consumer authentication from a network of 3 billion known devices and 30 million detailed fraud reports.

IDology ExpectID uses a multi-layered process to access thousands of data sources containing billions of public records to instantly validate an identity while also providing predictive, intelligent information around that identity.

ID Analytics maintains a consortium network of real-time identity events from traditional &alternative financial services institutions (auto, mortgage, bankcard, retail card, DDA, telecom, utilities, specialty finance, and marketplace lending.) IDScore evaluates SSN, Name, Address, Phone, DOB, and email to produce a single, comprehensive assessment of fraud risk at the time of application. The score rank-orders the risk that the applicant is not the owner of the identity on an application using velocity and instances of suspected or confirmed fraud.

KYB Tools

Under connect with the MidDesk API to run a KYB check. MidDesk provides a complete and accurate view of your customers including entity name, officers, business address(es), TIN verification, and watchlist screening.

MidDesk connects directly to Secretaries of State, County & Municipal Agencies, Industry Regulatory Bodies (NPI, FMCSA, FDIC, etc) USPTO, & Trademark in order to verify that a business is real, legal, & legitamate.